• Grace Marshall

Why You Should Download the Peloton App

This quarantine has inspired many people to focus on their fitness more, mostly because there is nothing else to do. But gyms and other workout studios are closed, so everyone has to rely on “at home workouts” to get their daily exercise in. This can include everything from daily family walks toChloe Ting videos to fun workout apps. While I have done all of the above, my favorites are the workout apps, and the one that I have been loving the most is the Peloton App. Peloton is known for its at-home studio bike that comes equipped with a large screen loaded with thousands of different cycling videos. But, what you may not know, is that Peloton does much more than that. They have an app filled with all different types of workouts including strength, yoga. HIIT and dance cardio, running, walking, stretching, and, of course, cycling. So, I think that there is really something for everyone and you can enjoy this app even if you don’t have any home workout equipment. I especially love the dance cardio, because it’s exercise, but fun and the stretching videos are really good to put at the end of every workout. The videos all have different levels of intensity and range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. These classes are live or on-demand, and the instructors are now leading classes live from home!

One of the features that sets Peloton apart from other workout apps and challenges is the team of instructors; each one has their own personality and way of running a class, but they are all amazing. My favorite is Cody Rigsby, who mainly teaches cycling, because he is so funny and encouraging, and I love his music playlists. That brings me to the second best feature of Peloton; the focus on the music. Before you start each workout you are able to see the playlist that has been created by the trainer, so you can always choose videos that have music that you like. They also have specific cycling classes based on genre or artist; there are country rides, pop rides, and hip-hop rides to name a few. The cycling workouts and treadmill workouts can also be used on equipment other than the Peloton brand. I use a NordicTrack bike to do the cycling classes and all I had to do was look up a resistance conversion, and it works perfectly. You usually have to pay a monthly subscription to access the videos, but they have recently added a three month free trial since everyone is now needing to work out at home, which is what I am using. That way, you have enough time to decide if the app is something that you actually want to pay for.  This app is amazing and is a great thing to use for your quarantine workouts. Whether you want a quick warmup stretch, or a full hour of strength workouts, Peloton has got you covered.

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