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Why You Need A Pair of Allbirds In Your Closet

Allbirds are my favorite kinds of shoes. They are super comfortable, practical, go with everything, and are also super cute and colorful. My whole family is also obsessed with them, and whenever there is a new color or style drop, we are the first to know. I thought I could do a review on the four different kinds of styles that I own and what I like and/or don’t like about them; there are also other styles that I don’t have, so I would recommend checking out the Allbirds website to see everything that they have to offer!

Wool Runners

First up are the classic pair of Allbirds sneakers; the wool runners. They are made out of wool and other renewable material making them a comfortable, yet sustainable shoe. You might think, um why would I want a shoe made out of wool, that sounds like it would be

super hot. That is actually not the case; while these shoes are said to be ideal for cooler days, they are also great to walk around in during the spring and summer because they are still pretty breathable. The wool runners are designed to be worn without socks if you want, but if that’s not your thing, you can just as easily wear them with socks. One other cool feature is that they are machine washable, so if you get any stains on them, they are super easy to clean. These also aren’t really running shoes, and are sneakers meant for everyday wear. 

They come in eighteen different colors, and they usually have new color drops every couple of months or so. I have a couple of pairs of these, but my favorites are either the Natural Grey pair because they go with everything, or the Savannah Dawn (light purple) pair, because the color is so pretty. The Wool Runners are $95 and come in sizes W5-W11 and M8-M14 (no half sizes). 

Women's Wool Runners

Men's Wool Runners

Wool Runner Mizzles

This next style is very similar to the original wool runners, but with a few variations. The Wool Runner Mizzles have a thicker sole, are all-around a little bit heavier, and are waterproof. But don’t worry, they still are made of the same comfortable wool material as the original

runners. I have one pair of these, and I really like them. I don’t have a preference between these and the original runners, the main difference is that the Mizzles are just a little bulkier, which some people like more in a shoe. Mizzles are also definitely waterproof, even if they don’t seem like it. While my original runners get wet and stained during the rain, my Mizzles are really good at repelling water and keeping my feet dry. 

The Mizzles are also machine washable and are meant for everyday wear. These come in only five colors for women and only four colors for men, and the colors are pretty neutral. I do wish that they would introduce the Mizzles in some brighter colors, because I would definitely buy them. They are $115 and come in sizes W5-W11 and M8-M14 (no half-sizes).

Women's Wool Runner Mizzles

Men's Wool Runner Mizzles

Wool Runner-Up Mizzles 

This is the same shoe as the Runner Mizzles, except in hightop form. I don’t actually own these, but my mom has a pair, and I have tried wearing them before. Honestly, these are not my favorite style of Allbirds. The hightop feature looks a little weird with the wool and the

already-bulky shoe, and the shoe hit my ankles at a really uncomfortable point. This could be because I didn’t wear them for long enough to “wear them in”, because my parents both wear their pair of Runner-Ups quite often and don’t complain about them rubbing. I think I just don’t like the styles of these as much, but if you like them, I would recommend them (but just be aware that you may need to wear them first)! 

The Runner-Up Mizzles are also machine washable and are meant for everyday wear. These come in six colors for women and five colors for men, and they are all pretty neutral hues. They are $135 and come in sizes W5-W11 and M8-M14 (no half-sizes). 

Women's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Men's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Tree Dashers

This style is the newest Allbird’s style, and was just released a couple of weeks ago. They are the first pair of running sneakers created by Allbirds, which is super exciting, since their other sneakers are more for just walking around. I ordered these almost immediately after

hearing that they came out because I really wanted to try them and see if they were any good for working out! These shoes are really cool looking and are made with a “tree material”, which is similar to the material that Allbirds use to make their Tree Runners and Tree Toppers (similar style to the wool runners and runner-ups, but with a lighter more flexible material). This means that the shoe is very breathable, light, and flexible, making it ideal for running. They have almost a cool mesh pattern to them and are super sleek. Now for functionality; I have worn these to work out at home, use an indoor studio cycle, and ride my bike around my neighborhood, and I have found the shoes really comfortable. These are made for running, but I really don’t like running, so I haven’t tried them out in that regard, but I’m pretty sure they would be fine. The only thing is that my ankle kinda slips out of them sometimes when I walk, but that could be a sizing issue not a shoe issue. They aren’t mind blowing or different from any other type of running shoe in terms of functionality, but I think that their style and look is pretty unique compared to other brands. I really like these shoes and would definitely recommend you try them out for yourself!

These are machine washable and currently come in six colors for men and women and range from neutral colors to bright, neon hues. I got them in flame and they look really cool. They are $125 and come in sizes W5-W11 and M8-M14 (with half-sizes!). 

Women's Tree Dashers

Men's Tree Dashers

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