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Why New Girl Should Be Your New Show

One of my favorite shows happens to be one that is less popular than others. You’ve heard The Office, Parks and Rec, Glee, That 70s Show, Gilmore Girls, and more mentioned when discussing quality TV. But how many times have you heard people mention New Girl? It is hands down one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen and has some of the best leading characters ever. It’s impossible not to love Nick, Winston, Coach, and Schmidt. If you don’t believe me, ask any of my friends who fell in love with the show after I recommended it—which just so happens to be a major bragging right for me.

So if you’ve gotten to the point where you have no idea what to do with yourself this deep into quarantine, then you should most definitely binge New Girl. For a basic synopsis, a girl named Jess moves into a loft with three guys that she literally found on Craigslist and just met: Nick, Winston, and Schmidt (and Coach comes in and out). The show follows them as they navigate their careers, relationships, and several random events that would only happen to them. There are seven seasons with each incorporating more than 20 episodes (except for the 8-episode final season). That is plenty of TV time to pass the hours more quickly. Furthermore, this show’s quirky comedic interactions and frequent ad libbing are guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether it's Winston’s hilarious pranking, Schimdt’s mispronunciation of every basic word, Coach’s impressions, or simply Nick’s existence, the dynamic between these four boys is incomparable. To be honest, the main character, Jess, is not my favorite. In fact, she is my least favorite character. However, it really does not matter because the boys outshine her and completely steal the show anyways! I cannot rave enough about this show! I’ve been rewatching some episodes with my family during quarantine, so below is my rating of each season!

Season 1: 9/10

For a first season, this is a pretty great one! The viewer is immediately attached to several characters and the introduction of classic New Girl humor is wonderful. I really enjoyed this as a foundation for the rest of the show and it definitely hooks you in!

Season 2: 10/10

New Girl did a fantastic job with their second season! Without giving too much away, there were just really great moments of chemistry between various characters and it was really entertaining to watch. The season also ends with something that fans of the show had been wanting to happen for a while.

Season 3: 8/10

Overall, this is a pretty good season! There are a few slow moments but those are easily cancelled out by remarkable episodes from start to finish! Season 3 is full of great relationships, funny plotlines, and some more serious issues being addressed!

Season 4: 10/10

This was an incredible season all around. Each episode was hilarious and the character development was great. There are suspenseful moments, emotional moments, and heartwarming moments, making this season a very well-rounded one. Season 4 also has the BEST season finale of any show ever. Let’s just say I cried out of happiness.

Season 5: 9/10

Some pretty exciting things happen to two of the main characters in this season, so it’s very enjoyable to watch. There’s also a new character introduced which adds some tension to the group dynamic and brings a new layer to the show. Additionally, Jess is absent in some of the episodes, temporarily relieving you of her bothersome humor.

Season 6: 8/10

To be honest, I don’t completely remember all of this season. However, the parts that I do remember are very good! There are some really monumental things that happen in certain relationships, and overall a lot of changes occur in the lives of the main characters. Overall, it has a different feel than the rest of the seasons and it’s more clear that many of the characters are growing up and maturing (even though they’re all adults).

Season 7: 6/10

Honestly, this season was pretty disappointing which in turn, made me pretty sad. The episodes felt slower and just were not quite as funny. As a complete fan of the show, I was expecting an incredible final season. However the comedy and plot lines didn’t really deliver as it was less interesting than all the other seasons. This wasn’t how I had hoped I would feel about the ending of the New Girl, but since every other season was amazing, they compensated for this letdown.

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