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The Ultimate Song Rankings for Harry Styles's "Fine Line"

My favorite musical artist of all-time is (and always will be) Harry Styles. I’ve been there from One Direction to Dunkirk to his most recent solo album, Fine Line. Styles solo material is a very different style than One Direction and takes influence from famous classic rock artists like Fleetwood Mac and Paul McCartney. It’s also important to note that Harry Styles has the voice of an angel. Currently, I’ve been listening to Fine Line non-stop, so I thought I could do a ranking of each song on the album. Disclaimer, I love every song on the album but some I could listen to more times in a row than others. So, I present to you my official Fine Line song rankings (that could be different in two weeks). 

1. Fine Line 

This is the best song on the album, period, don’t even argue with me. The melody is so good and the bridge of the song where the music picks up is so good and sounds like a grand finale of an adventure. It’s amazing. Harry Styles said he could listen to this song every day, and I would have to agree.

2. Cherry 

"Cherry" is the perfect sad breakup song. The lyrics are very personal and the tune is very light and pretty. It has a cool guitar sound in the background that makes it sound fuller and more intense, while still maintaining almost-playful strumming of an acoustic guitar. 

3. Sunflower Vol. 6

This song is probably the coolest and most unique song on the album. It has a super retro 70s feel to it, with a hint of reggae.  It has a really smooth beat and cool synthesizer sounding instruments. One of the lyrics is “dance in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor” and I can definitely say that you will want to dance in the kitchen to this song. 

4. Golden 

"Golden" is a super fun, light-hearted song. It has really cool layered harmonies in the chorus and keeping with the theme of the rest of the album sounds really retro and funky. When I listen to this song I imagine running through a field of sunflowers. It’s a great song that will put you in a great mood.

5. Lights Up 

"Lights Up" is the first single off of this album. Sometimes, singles have a tendency to be the most basic songs on an album, but I wouldn’t describe Lights Up as basic by any means. The melody in the chorus and verses switch between being sounding bright and happy to mysterious and melodic and the steady drumbeat in the background makes it a really great song to just jam to 

6. Falling 

Now some people seeing this list are going to be mad that "Falling" isn’t higher on my list but here’s my reasoning: This song is definitely the most ballad-sounding and probably the most sad and depressing. Yes, Harry’s voice sounds incredible and you can hear the emotion in every word he sings. BUT, I just think that it’s not super unique sounding like the other songs on the album. 

7. Canyon Moon 

"Canyon Moon" is so underrated. It is very westerny and country sounding, and almost has the melody of a children's song but with serious lyrics This is a great song to blast and dance around to in your room. The bridge is the best part of the song, where he repeats the words “I’m going, oh I’m going home”, but adds harmony each time, which is a super cool buildup. 

8. Adore You 

"Adore You" is another single off the album, and it's lower on the list because I’ve just heard it a bunch. The song is pretty chill and is good to listen to when you’re just hanging out and in a mellow mood. The music video is also incredible and deserves all the Oscars. 

9. To Be So Lonely 

"To Be So Lonely" has a pretty simple melody and doesn’t get too upbeat. I would classify it as a breakup song, but not as sad-sounding as other ones on the album. The instruments in the background are really fun and give it an acoustic sound. Again, Harry adds a lot of harmonies which bring so much to the song. 

10. Treat People With Kindness

"Treat People With Kindness" is such a happy song and utilizes a really cool retro sounding chorus of people to sing the chorus of the song. I think the message of the song is really cool as well, and Harry utilizes it for a lot of different things. This is the perfect song to blast in the car driving down to the beach and I could see it in a soundtrack for a happy “coming of age” movie.

11. Watermelon Sugar 

"Watermelon Sugar" is also a single off the album. But, again, I feel like I’ve heard it a lot. This song will be perfect to listen to when having a bonfire with friends in the summer when we can finally all see other people again. The verse is a slow buildup to a super fun and upbeat chorus. The instruments also pick up in the chorus, making it a great song to sing along to.

12. She

"She" is super mellow and slow sounding with a really cool and steady beat. The verse has a pretty simple melody and Harry basically sings the same note over and over, but the instruments in the background add their own sound. I imagine this song being in like an intense moment in a teen drama show, maybe like “The Vampire Diaries” or something.

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