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The Love Island UK Breakdown

If you are anything like me and are absolutely obsessed with reality TV, Love Island is definitely the show for you. This show has become increasingly popular all over the world after its premiere in the UK. This show also features contestants from overseas, so the accents make the show ten times better already! Lucky for you, I have been watching this show since season 2 released, so here are the seasons you should start binging today!

Season 1: 4/10

This season started off slow and was really hard for me to get into. I couldn’t remember anyone's names and nothing about it really stood out to me. I ended up not even finishing this season and moving on to season 2.

Season 2: 10/10

This might have been my favorite season so far. It was so easy to get into and all the contestants were so lively and fun. Without giving away too much, some of the couples I still follow to this day because of how much I grew to love them this season.

Season 3: 8/10

In season 3, the show started to get much more popular and they began to add many new plot twists to the show to make it even more entertaining. Season 3 was not hard to get into at all, it is drama filled from day one and it lasts all the way till the finish.

Season 4: 8/10

This season was also filled with drama and heartache, although the contestants' bubbly and exciting personalities made the show much more exciting to watch. It is so easy to love almost all of the people on this season making it even more fun to watch.

Season 5: 10/10

Season 5 has to be one of my favorite seasons. I am not sure what exactly it is about each of the couples that makes it so entertaining to watch, but there is no way you can’t get addicted. The bubbly personalities and tons of new plot twists make this season even better than the rest.

Season 6: 9/10

Since the show became so popular all over the world, the producers added a bonus winter season which took place just a couple months ago. This season was also so drama filled. It had people I couldn’t stand and people I absolutely adored. Since it is so fresh and new, it is so exciting to continue to follow the contestants through instagram and other social media platforms about their possibly continuing romantic relationships as well as unbreakable friendships.

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