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Shoe Haul!

As you know over quarantine I have been purchasing a lot of clothes. With that, I also have been purchasing some shoes to go along with all the new outfits I will be wearing. Since I only purchased a couple of shoes, I will also be adding in the shoes that I already have and think are a shoe closet essential!

Black High Top Converses

I just recently purchased these to go with a ton of my black and neutral-colored outfits. They are super inexpensive and go with pretty much everything. I was originally a little skeptical

about buying high tops, but they look great on especially with mom jeans or a midi-length skirt. They also carry low top versions of most shoes which is great if you are more comfortable wearing those. They also go with everything and are a great and affordable pair of shoes. One thing to keep in mind is that they run huge! I sized down 2 sizes, but I would size down at least one and see how they fit and if they are too big go down a half size from there until you get the right size.

High Tops- https://www.converse.com/shop/p/chuck-taylor-all-star-unisex-high-top-shoe/M9160_045.html

Low Tops- https://www.converse.com/shop/p/chuck-taylor-all-star-unisex-low-top-shoe/M9696MP.html?pid=M9696MP&dwvar_M9696MP_color=black&dwvar_M9696MP_width=standard&styleNo=M9166&pdp=true&cgid=womens-classic-chuck-shoes&vgid=M7652


Reeboks are also really inexpensive and cute. They can be used to dress a fancier outfit down or worn with dresses. I personally think they look good with jeans, skirts, or dresses. So basically pretty much whatever you want to wear them with. The ones I got are a little creamy colored, so if you are looking for a more basic pair of white shoes I will link some I recommend below as well. These run true to size so you should have no problems with sizing. These are mens, so just subtract two from your women's shoe size to get your size in mens! For example, I wear an 8 in womens so I bought a 6 in these.

Cream- https://www.reebok.com/us/club-c-85-vintage-mens-shoes/V67899.html

White recommendation- https://www.reebok.com/us/club-c-85-shoes/AR0457.html

Black heels

Everyone needs a little bit of a dressier shoe to wear out or to a fancier event. I personally would pair heels with jeans for a fancier dinner or with a dress or skirt for a fancy event. I don’t wear heels often, so I didn’t buy a super expensive pair. I got them on sale, but they are not currently on sale at the moment. These run true to size!


Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers are a classic pair of shoes that have been around for ages. They can be basic or bolder; they come in a ton of different colors and designs. I got a lot of basic shoes that would go with most things, so for these, I decided to be a little bolder. I own a lot of blue and white so these shoes will fit into my wardrobe perfectly. Before you buy a pair of shoes that are colorful like that, make sure you have at least a couple of different outfits you can wear

with them, or else it will be a waste of money. The pair that I bought I got through Stock X because they were a limited edition shoe. They have a ton of options on the Nike website which I will also link below if you prefer shopping on there. These shoes go really well with shorts, dresses, and jeans which is mostly what I will be pairing them with.

Blue Blazers-https://stockx.com/nike-sb-blazer-mid-edge-hack-pack

Nike Blazer Collection- https://www.nike.com/w?q=blazer&vst=blazer

Air Force 1s


ir Force 1s are a classic pair of shoes that pretty much everyone owns. They are basic and go with anything, literally anything. If you need a plain white affordable pair of white sneakers, I would definitely recommend these. They also come in tons and tons of different colors and patterns so I will also link a couple of my favorites at the moment below if you were looking for something a little more exciting than plain white!

White 1s-https://www.nike.com/t/air-force-1-07-womens-shoe-KyTwDPGG/315115-112

Colorful 1s- https://www.footlocker.com/product/nike-air-force-1-shadow-womens/Q3317002.html



Adidas Ultra Boosts

These are a more workout or comfy pair of sneakers. They are sooooo comfy! It really feels like you are walking on clouds. I love working out in these whether that's running, walking, or weight training. They are pricey, but they last a long time and in my opinion, are worth the investment. Adidas occasionally puts select colors on sale, so keep an eye out for that if you do not want to pay full price.

Ultra Boosts- https://www.adidas.com/us/ultraboost-19-shoes/G27484.html

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