• Emily Cavuto

My Favorite Vegan Alternatives!!

Hi guys! For the past few years, I’ve been a vegetarian 99% of the time. Recently, I’ve been moving towards an even more plant-based diet. I wanted to share some of my favorite vegan alternatives because I know that it can sometimes be difficult coming up with healthy ideas and sometimes you need a little inspiration!

1. Oatly Oat Milk

To begin, this is probably my favorite vegan alternative! I have always been a little skeptical of alternative milks, and I hated the taste of almond milk, so this oat milk has been a life saver! It tastes like cow’s milk (but better) and can be used so many different ways. I use it in

cereal, coffee—oat milk lattes are the best—smoothies, and much more. The Oatly brand is my favorite but Planet Oat, and Califa also make tasty oat milks.

2. Ithaca Lemon Beet Hummus

I know that many types of hummus are already considered vegan, but I wanted to mention this one because it is literally so good. It is super sweet and so healthy at the same time! I love eating this with carrots, peppers, or pita chips!

3. Chao Cheese

This vegan cheese is probably the best I’ve tasted. Good vegan cheese is one of the most difficult alternatives to find because it’s very difficult to mimic the taste and texture of dairy cheese. Therefore, I am super impressed with Chao! I would say that it most closely resembles American cheese and tastes good as is or melted! It’s really easy to pair with a vegan burger, sandwich, pita pocket, or even alone with crackers!

4. Miyoko’s

This brand makes really good vegan alternatives for cheese spreads. They’re perfect to pair with either chips or crackers! They have cheddar, chive, or garlic and herb flavors, and all taste delicious and the consistency is very close to a dairy cheese spread. Miyoko’s also has a vegan butter that tastes identical to normal butter, as well as a cream cheese! Cheese is probably the hardest thing for me to cut out, therefore this brand is super helpful.

5. Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

Enjoy Life makes chocolate chips that taste just like regular ones! They come in a variety of shapes—chips, chunks, mini chips—and types—semi-sweet or dark chocolate. Unfortunately, they are a little more expensive than normal chocolate chips, so I sometimes do opt to use non-vegan chips instead. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more money, I highly recommend this brand!

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