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Making Mochi At Home

One of my favorite sweet treats is mochi; I love mochi ice cream, mochi waffles, butter mochi, and of course, just plain old regular mochi. I decided that I was going to take advantage of all this free time I have on my hands and try to make mochi at home. There are tons of recipes on how to make mochi in all of its forms, but I wanted to make the plain cubed kind that is delicious either by itself or as a topping on ice cream and fro-yo. I followed a recipe for Plain Mochi , and I made a quarter batch the regular way, and then three other batches adding in some extra flavors (mango, espresso, and green tea). Here is how it went!


Sweet Rice Flour 

I used Bob’s Red Mill Sweet Rice Flour, but a really popular brand to use is Mochiko. I couldn’t find this brand in the grocery store near me, but you can order it on Amazon! It also has to be sweet rice flour and not regular rice flour because of the gelatin 


Coconut Milk (ideally full-fat)


Baking Soda


Frozen mangos 

Matcha powder 

Espresso powder 

Mochi 1: Plain 

I cut all the measurements in the recipe by four to make a quarter of a batch

1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees

2. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a big bowl 

3. In a separate bowl mix the coconut milk and water, and then combine with the dry ingredients 

4. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and pour the mix in 

The recipe said to use a 9x13in for a thinner mochi and a 9x9in for a thicker mochi, but for a full batch. I used a 9x9in for a quarter batch and it spread out pretty thin, so I would be sure to use a smaller baking dish next time 

5. Bake for 60min sif using a 9x13in or for 90min if using a 9x9in 

6. Take out of the oven (it should have a pretty solid consistency) to cool and set. 

7. Cut into cubes and sprinkle with powder to keep them from sticking together

Mine were too thin to be cubes, so they were “strips” (lol)

Mochi 2,3 & 4: Flavored 

I cut all the measurements in the recipe and made 3/4ths of a batch. I made these up, so they are not perfect. I also added a little less sugar so that the mochi wouldn't be overwhelmed by being really sweet; I reccomend doing this if you don't like things super sweet.

Follow steps 1-3 from plain mochi and then evenly split the batch into three different bowls 

4. Bowl 1: Espresso Add 1.5tsps of instant espresso powder and mix well 

This created a pretty strong coffee taste, which I like, but you can always adjust it 

5. Bowl 2: Green Tea Add 1tsp of matcha powder and mix well

Matcha powder is pretty strong, so you don’t need to add as much as you might think, but you can again adjust to your taste

6. Bowl 3: Mango Blend frozen mango with a little water, add to the batter and mix well

I don’t have measurements for this one, I just added probably about 2tbs of the blended mango so it was strong enough. I wouldn’t recommend doing this one though, because the mochi didn’t really set at all in the oven and stayed pretty liquidy 

7. Line a baking dish (ideally with an 9x9in) with parchment paper and split into three sections using tinfoil and pour in batter 

I only had an 11x7in baking dish. Again, this created a pretty thin layer of mochi (which isn’t what I wanted), so next time I should use either a smaller baking dish or make more batter.

8. Bake for 60 mins

I would bake them for a little longer if you have a thicker layer

9. Take out of the oven (it should have a pretty solid consistency) to cool and set. 

10. Cut into cubes and sprinkle with powder to keep them from sticking together

Mine were too thin to be cubes, so they were “strips” (lol)

Final Thoughts 

Honestly, I don't think these turned out terribly, they taste really good, they are just a lot thinner than I wanted (which is my fault, not the recipe's) I would recommend picking one flavor and making a whole batter out of it instead of making a couple mini batches. Then you would be able to fill up a whole dish and make thicker mochi. I would also add a little less sugar, because they turned out pretty sweet. Also, the mango mochi didn’t really work, because adding in a blended frozen mangos and water mixture created a very liquidy batter that didn’t really bake in the oven. I think maybe using flavors that are more thick and/or concentrated is better for mixing into the mochi (like powders or extracts). Besides that, the flavors of the plain, matcha, and espresso mochi were pretty good. I am definitly going to make this again, but with a better sized batch so I can make those perfect cubed mochis that I was envisioning! Be sure to check out our Instagram to see if the next batch works out!

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