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HUGE Spring Haul

Hey Guys! It is no secret that I have a serious shopping addiction. Quarantine has made this addiction 10x worse than it was before. While I am still waiting for some more packages to arrive, I decided to show the majority of the items that have come in the mail over the last few days.

Princess Polly

This store has been one of my favorite stores for over two years now. The clothes are ADORABLE. It is based in Australia which is super surprising because the packages come super fast. Another thing to keep in mind with this store is that stuff sells out quickly! They normally restock popular items so just keep an eye out or sign up to be notified when the item is back in stock. I ordered a ton of stuff from here so let's get started!

1.Khale Top

Super cute button up front top with blue flowers. Looks adorable on. I paired it with blue mom jeans from Zara, gold jewelry, and white air forces.


2. Amber Lucy Shorts

These shorts are super cute and flowy. They are white with pleats and remind me of a tennis skirt. These shorts look good with just about anything I tried them on with. You could do an all-white look, contrast it with a black top and black sneakers, or add a bit of color to it with something pink or green. These shorts are super versatile. I would recommend sizing up with these shorts!


3.Rescue Me Pleat Mini Skirt

I was on the search for a cute white pleated skirt and I finally found one! This skirt is super cute. It is a bit of a stretchy material and fits true to size. This looks super good with a polo shirt or any long sleeve shirt. I paired it with a blue ribbed long sleeve blue-ish shirt and also with a black jumper. It looks adorable with high top sneakers or chunky plain white sneakers like air forces.


4. The Thorpe Jumper Black

This jumper is sooo cozy and cute. It is cropped and long sleeves. The bottom sinches in a little bit for a more fitted look. It looks adorable with skirts, shorts, or jeans. I paired it with the white skirt which is right under this one and it is the perfect outfit. Accessorize it with a black baguette bag and gold jewelry. I definitely recommend this basic!


5. The Lola Mini Skirt White

This skirt is so adorable and cute. It is white denim material and looks so flattering. There is a slit on the left leg which adds to the skirt and makes it a lot easier to move in. It looks good with just about anything. I personally paired it with the black jumper listed above and wore it with black high top sneakers. Super cute skirt to add to the collection!


6. Cher Cropped Cardi Black

Button-front shirts are becoming a huge trend. They look good with a tank top underneath or just worn regularly. There are so many different ways to wear shirts like this that it is definitely an essential piece! You can wear it with jeans or skirts and dress it up or down with shoes, accessories, and jewelry. I definitely recommend getting this product or something like it if you don't have it already!


Pretty Little Thing

This store is much more affordable and they have a great sale going on right now. They have super cute sweatpants and basics. If you are looking for a more affordable clothing store I definitely recommend this one. I only got a couple of things from here this time, but I have ordered from them in the past and love their stuff!

1. Cream Sleeveless Slouchy Knitted Vest

This shirt is definitely not something I would normally wear, but it looks great! It is knitted, but it is pretty lightweight and not too heavy. It looks great with darker colored shorts. I paired it with a pair of mom style dark green shorts from Princess Polly I got a while ago. This sweater looks good with dresser shoes, such as tan slides or heels. If you paired it with jeans, it would go well with white sneakers. Super cute top overall!


2. Black Leopard Print Floaty Midi Skirt

I always wanted to get a midi skirt, but for some reason, I never ended up getting one. After I got this one, I definitely want to get some more. It is such a staple piece! It is very elegant and classy as well. I paired it with a tighter cropped black shirt and high top black sneakers. You could also pair it with a bodysuit or a looser graphic tee as well and tie the graphic tee in a knot at the front. Even if it is not this one, I definitely recommend adding midi skirts to your closet!


3. Black Oversized Lightweight Button Detail Blazer

I have been looking for a blazer for a really long time, but unfortunately, this was not the one for me. I wanted something a little more form-fitting; this one ended up being really big and way longer than I had hoped for. It is still a nice blazer, just not exactly the style that I was hoping for. If you are looking for a longer loose blazer I would recommend this one, but size down. Unfortunately, this one was not the one for me!


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