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Grace's Top 4 Podcasts!

I consider myself to be a pretty big podcast person; one of my favorite things is taking a long drive or a long walk and just putting on a podcast. I just find it really relaxing and it definitely helps me to get my mind off things when I need to destress. Podcasts are also great, because there is really something for everyone;the genres range from crime to science to history to comedy to just casual conversation. So, I decided to put together a list of my favorite podcasts across a bunch of different genres and topics so that next time you’re bored during a long road trip, you will have something fun and interesting to listen to! These podcasts can all be found on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts!

Crime Junkies 

My favorite genre of podcasts is definitely crime (I find them the most enticing), and out of all the crime podcasts that I’ve tried, Crime Junkies is probably the best. This podcast has two

hosts, and the way that these episodes are usually run is one of the hosts will tell the story of a crime, and the other host will react and ask questions or contribute her own theories. Each episode is around 45-60 minutes long and is about a specific crime that happened throughout history whether that be murder, kidnapping, or dissappearence; sometimes these crimes are solved, sometimes they’re not. The best part of this podcast is the storytelling aspect; it feels like the host is walking you through each event that is happening which makes it so cool to listen to. If you want to try out a crime podcast, I would really recommend you start with Crime Junkies!

Office Ladies

This podcast is for all you fans of The Office. Hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (who

played Pam and Angela) take you behind the scenes of the TV show and share all the secrets that “only two people who were there, can tell you.” Each podcast episode centers around one episode from the show, and they are usually 30-40 minutes long. Fischer and Kinsey recap the episode from The Office, tell you some really interesting facts, and share stories from the actual creation of the episode (sometimes they even bring in special guest hosts!). Not only is this podcast really intriguing, but it is also really funny too. If you love The Office, then you will definitely love this podcast.

Chatty Broads 

If you are a fan of the Bachelor, then you will definitely recognize the name Bekah M. She was a contestant on Arie Luyendyke’s season and was known for being super down-to-earth/ She started a podcast with her best friend, Jess, a couple of years ago, and they record episodes on a whole bunch of lifestyle topics, like relationships, mental health, and other important issues. My favorite thing about their podcast though is their Bachelor recaps. While a season of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette is going on, Bekah and Jess will do a recap podcast episode for each episode of the show. It is very unfiltered and honest (some other Bachelor podcasts have hosts that are still involved in the Bachelor franchise so these podcasts are more biased). This podcast can completely change my opinions, and I sometimes like listening to their recap more than watching the actual show. 


Views is David Dobrik’s and Jason Nash’s comedy podcast. You might recognize them from YouTube, where they post (usually scripted, but hilarious) vlogs on their “day-to-day life”. These two decided to start a podcast together where they basically just tell funny stories of things that happened to them during the week, or they argue with each other over silly topics. It almost feels like a continuation of the vlogs. If I’m in the mood to just listen to a chill podcast that will actually make me laugh out loud but that I don’t have to put 100% of my attention into, then I choose to listen to Views. It is definitely the least structured podcast on this list, but it is also the most funny. The episodes are also a little shorter 30-40 minutes, so they are good to just throw on during a short car ride. This podcast is perfect if you want something casual, but still really funny and interesting!

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