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Grace's Favorite Book Series!

I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. Usually I only have time to read while I’m on vacation, but that has changed since I have a lot more time on my hands now. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 book series (in no particular order) that I’ve read in the last year that you should definitely try to read if you’re looking for any new books. This list is only a small fraction of the books I’ve read, so I can definitely make more posts with more of my favorites! These series arealso mostly in either the realistic fiction, mystery, or dystopian genre. And don’t worry about not being able to go to a bookstore right now, as most (if not all) of these books can be found on iBooks, Amazon or any other type of e-reader! Happy reading!

The Thousandth Floor Series ~ Katharine McGee

1. The Thousandth Floor 

2.The Dazzling Heights 

3. The Towering Sky 

This is a super interesting series set in the future that tells the story about five different people who live in the same apartment building that has (you guessed it) one thousand floors; in this building, the higher the floor you live on, the more well-to-do you are. Each of the characters come from different backgrounds, but throughout the book their lives become intertwined exploring themes of friendship, betrayal, and perceptions of perfection. I’ve only read the first one, but the second two are next on my list to read. 

The Thousandth Floor (Book 1) Amazon

The Flawed Series ~ Cecelia Ahern

1. Flawed 

2. Perfect

There are two books in this series and they are also set in the future, but are definitely more dystopian. In this society, if you commit an “ethical crime”, you are subjected to being branded with an “F” to portray to the rest of the world that you are flawed and are treated as second-class. This story is about a girl who gets branded as flawed in an unprecedented way who decides that she will do whatever it takes to take down this corrupted system and all the people who run it.

Flawed (Book 1) - Amazon

One Of Us Is Lying Series ~ Karen M. McManus

1. One Of Us Is Lying 

2. One Of Us Is Next

This is a super popular series that you should totally read if you haven’t already! I just finished which is also really good! In this book, there is a super popular gossip blog that reveals shocking secrets about students at Bayview High School. When the person running the blog dies, four teenagers are suddenly caught up with his death, and are considered as suspects. This book will keep you enticed every page you turn as it reveals the truth behind what actually happened. Be sure to also read the sequel as it has a similar theme as the first book but a completely different story!

One Of Us Is Lying (Book 1) - Amazon

The Zodiac Series ~ Romina Russel 

1. Zodiac 

2. Wandering Star 

3. Black Moon 

4. Thirteen Rising 

If you are looking for a good fantasy, science fiction, dystopian story, this is the series for you. There are four books in these series, and I have read the first two so far (the fourth one has also not come out yet!). In this world, each zodiac sign is a different planet and they each specialize in a different area (like knowledge or war). When violent attacks start occuring on each planet with no real explanation, one girl sets out on an adventure to find out who and what is actually going on. 

Zodiac (Book 1) - Amazon

The Everlife Series ~ Gena Showalter 

1 Firstlife 

2 Lifeblood

3 Everlife 

This series is so interesting, and there are three books in total! Be aware that the first book is called Firstlife and not Everlife though! This book is also slightly dystopian and has some cool science fiction themes. In this world, when you die, you have the option to be sent to one of two rivaling afterlife realms; one represents light, one represents dark, and they each have unique things to offer. These realms battle it out to try and get as many people to agree to come to their afterlife. Currently, there is one girl who becomes a target for each afterlife to recruit and they will do whatever it takes, as she is someone who will bring a lot of power to the realm she chooses. This story follows the girl’s adventure as she faces all kinds of obstacles while struggling to make a decision.

Firstlife (Book 1) - Amazon

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