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Grace's Closet Essentials: Basics

Here are some of my TOP closet essential items, basics edition! If you know me, then you know that I like to keep it really comfortable, so I’ve come up with a list of 8 different pieces that are a staple to have if you like the dressdowned, athleisure, but still cute, style. I will try to link as many of the clothing pieces as I can!

Lululemon Black Wunder Unders

I think this item is a classic in most girls’ wardrobes. They are super comfy and are super good quality. Compared to some other Lululemon styles, Wunder Unders are a more athletic, spandex material compared to the super soft material in the Align leggins. Wunder Unders last pretty long and don’t pill super easily. While these are expensive, they are probably the most worn things in my closet, so I think they are definitely worth investing in. 

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25" *Full-On Luon | Women's Pants | lululemon

Madewell Grey T-Shirt w/ Frill Sleeve

While I love wearing sweatshirts and oversized t-shirts, sometimes I like to switch things up and wear a nicer shirt, while still staying comfortable. This shirt is one of my favorite things for when you want a casual look but still want to be put together. The added detail of the frill sleeve definitely dresses the outfit up a little bit more! This shirt is a perfect basic to wear with basically any pant or skirt, and you can easily add necklaces and different jackets to personalize it. 

Aerie Oversized Graphic Tee

Aerie is a really amazing store to find super cute, athleisure clothing items, and the price point is pretty reasonable. I think graphic tees are a closet essential in general because they are super easy to pair with jeans or leggings and make it look like you put a lot of thought into an outfit. This shirt in particular from Aerie is super soft and loose-fitting which I really love. I think the muted pastel cream color palette is very pretty, and makes the shirt a little more girly. 

Aerie Boyfriend Distressed Oversized T-Shirt

Roots Original Kanga Hoody in Bonita Blue Pepper

This is a sweatshirt that I got only a couple of weeks ago to add to my “quarantine closet” and I really love it. This sweatshirt is super soft and the fit still has some structure to it so it looks a little nicer. The light blue color looks great in person and adds some color to an otherwise simple outfit. These sweatshirts are pretty expensive, but I think the quality is worth the money. 

Original Kanga Hoody

Lululemon Grey Relaxed Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

This top is one of my favorite Lululemon tops. One of Lululemon’s classic styles is the “Swiftly Tech”, and it comes in a tank, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve. The thing I like most about this shirt is the relaxed fit. I don’t wear this shirt to work out in, so I want it to fit a little looser so it is a little more comfortable. This shirt perfectly embodies the “athleisure look” and is a great basic to pair with a fun pair of leggings that have  cool colors or prints 

Swiftly Relaxed Long Sleeve | Women's Long Sleeve Tops

Free People Grey Heights Frayed Skinny Jeans

I’m gonna start this off by saying I hate basically all jeans except for these. This pair is super comfortable and feels like a jegging, while still looking like a structured and stiff jean. I think the frayed detail on the bottom makes them a little more unique and stylish, and the rips make them more casual. These are super versatile and go well with a white-shirt, or a nicer blouse.

Great Heights Frayed Skinny Jeans

Allbirds Wool Runners in Frost 

Allbirds are my all-time favorite shoe and I have 5 or 6 pairs of them. They are very casual and look best with leggings and simple t-shirts. They are good shoes to walk around in and are very soft. They aren’t the best for running, but All Birds just came out with a pair or running shoes, so I would check those out if that’s what you are looking for! These shoes can also be worn without socks, but I prefer to wear them with socks. These are pretty affordable compared to other sneaker brands and I would recommend them 110%,

Women's Wool Runners Frost

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