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Grace's Bullet Journal ~ Part 2

Alright guys, welcome back to my second bullet journal blog post! Since I got my materials, I have done around 4 pages of my bullet journal, and it has literally been so much fun. I acutally find it really relaxing; I just throw on Netflix (currently watching Criminal Minds) and get to work. In this post, I will show you the first couple of pages that I’ve done. Each design I did was usually something that I tried to recreate from Pinterest Pinterest has recently become my new best friend because of all the bullet journal inspiration they have and I have so many designs pinned that I want to eventually try myself!

Page #1: Key 

On the blog post that I originally read that inspired me to start this journal, it was suggested t

hat I make a key as one of the first pages. I haven’t made one yet, but when I eventually add a calendar this key will be super helpful so I don’t have to write everything out, and I can use more shorthand notation. I did use a pinterest photo for inspiration, but I switched the header up a little bit to something I liked better. I also searched up “headers bullet journal” on Pinterest and there are so many cool ideas. This key is super customizable, and you can basically add whatever you think will be helpful. For now, I only added the basics, but I also left space to add more as I continue with the journal. 

Page #2: About Me

While looking up inspiration, I saw a bunch of cool “about me” pages, and thought it would be smart to add one right in the beginning of the journal. The design I used was basically the same as a Pinterest one, except I changed the color. I also customized up the categories within the “About Me” page to make them more personal. I then filled in each category with the actual specifics! This one was super easy, and I think it turned out really great. 

Page #3: Birthdays

I thought that this would be a fun page to add, because there were a lot of cute designs and it would also be really helpful in general. I found this super cute cake design that I thought I could recreate and I think that it looks so fun. It is super colorful which I really like, and it took me a little long to do, but it wasn’t too hard. I haven’t added in the birthdays yet, but I will soon!

Page #4: For My Dorm

I thought of this idea myself because I thought that it would be really good to have to keep me organized while planning what to bring for my dorm room at college. Pinterest didn’t have any specific dorm room page inspirations, but I used a regular packing list one. I used the same design for the suitcases, but I switched up the color and obviously I changed the title from “Packing List” to “For My Dorm.” I plan on making each suitcase a separate category, but haven’t written them in just yet. This list will also be something that I keep adding to throughout the summer as it gets closer to the move in date for my dorm! 

So, there were all the pages that I have done so far! Next, I plan on making a monthly spread with some month specific pages (like a mood tracker), but I wanted to get a couple of introductory pages first! Be sure to check out my first bullet journal post if you haven’t already to see how I started, and I’ll be back soon with the third part of this “journey!”

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