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Grace's Bullet Journal ~ Part 1

I have always seen aesthetic pictures of bullet journals on instagram or pinterest and have always wanted to do one myself. I never actually started one because they looked time consuming and pretty involved. BUTTTTT, it’s stay-at-home season which means I have a lot

of time to do things that I didn’t before, so I am starting a bullet journal, and you guys are gonna follow along on my progress. 

I first got the idea to start one when reaching out to another blogger, Emma Berry, and checking out the blog she ran herself. She has a ton of cool lifestyle posts on fashion trends, her current favorites, and some really good motivational articles too! I would really recommend you check out her website, emmavberry.com! Also be sure to check out her instagram @emmapieee ! She also has a lot of guest writers featured, and one girl, named Lulu Amirault, wrote an article called "How To Start A Bullet Journal". After reading the article, and seeing how Lulu emphasized how helpful her bullet journal was in keeping her organized, I decided to start one myself. Be sure to read her full article and check out her instagra

m @amiriteoramirault !

The first step was getting all the materials for this journal, and I followed most of the recommendations that Lulu layed out. There will be a full list of everything that I got below and their prices, but basically I got the actual bullet journal (which is different from a lined journal and has dots covering the page), a lot of markers, highlighters, and washi tape. I picked up all this stuff from Michael’s (they offer curbside pickup!) and it was really easy; I ordered it online in the morning and picked it up in the afternoon). I also actually already had a bullet journal at home, but they had a ton to buy on the Michael’s website as well.

Lulu’s post also has a couple of ideas for what to actually write in your bullet journal, but I will focus on that in another post - I plan on making this a kind of “series” so there will be multiple bullet journal blog posts! But, all I have done for now is practice my lettering with my new

markers in a random sketchbook because it can be pretty tedious (downstrokes are thick, upstrokes are thin). I just found some tutorials online and free practice sheets which have worked great. 

So, I hoped you guys enjoyed this little intro to my bullet journal “journal”. I think that this definitely gonna be hard because I am NOT a good artist at all, and have never done any lettering or calligraphy, so you shouldn’t really expect it to be like a bullet journal masterpiece. But, I think it will also be really fun, and will help me use up my free time. I also help that this will encourage you to start one too so we can try and fail together! Remember to read Lulu’s whole article for her tips and tricks for starting a bullet journal!

Bullet Journal Materials 

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