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Easy Watermelon Refresher!!

Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! It is so beautiful outside the next two days so make sure to spend some time outside. I figured since the weather was so so nice, I would share this recipe with you all so you can make it. Watermelon juice is my absolute favorite drink in the world. Everytime we go on a tropical vacation, I never go a day without drinking it. It tastes so fresh and it is so refreshing that when I come home and buy some from the store it does not compare. I finally mastered the perfect way to bring this tropical treat right to your backyard!

What you need

1 seedless watermelon

Cutting board




Strainer (find one that has the smallest holes possible)


Containers to keep the juice

Step one

Get the watermelon and cut it up into little squares. I ended up getting a huge watermelon so I cut it in half and only used one half.

Step two

After the watermelon is all cut, set up the blender. I use a Vitamix Professional Series 750 from Amazon. Fill the blender up about halfway to maximum capacity to avoid the watermelon getting stuck and having to mix it around. It blends pretty easily so I only turn up the blender to about the 3-4 setting and it blends within seconds.

Step three

Set up an empty bowl or container that you want to put the juice into. Hold the strainer above it and pour the contents of the blender into the strainer and let the juice fall through. After it begins to slow down, use the spoon to mix around the contents of the strainer. Just play around with it and mush it until you don’t think you can get any more juice out of the strainer. With the remaining pulp, you can compost it or discard it.

Repeat steps two and three until all the watermelon you have cut up is blended and juiced. I juiced my watermelon into a big bowl and then transferred it from the bowl into a jug. Once you have the juice ready, you can refrigerate it to serve later. I wanted to serve it right away so I put some ice in a couple of cups and then served the juice over ice. This is the perfect recipe for anyone looking for a refreshing drink in the sun!

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