• Reyna Bhens

Curly Hair Routine

Hey guys! Today I am going to be walking you through all the products I use for my daily hair care routine. I have naturally really curly hair that oftentimes gets really frizzy. I have finally found a hair care routine that works for me and gives my hair the perfect curls! I also wash my hair pretty often because I find that the longer I go without washing, the frizzier the curls become. I wash my hair about 3-4 times a week, pretty much every other day. I also try to use cold water on my hair as much as possible because I find that it helps a lot with frizz and also leaves my hair a lot smoother.

Step One: The Shower

I have tried so many kinds of shampoo and conditioner. Anywhere from super expensive to super cheap, I have tried it all. My favorite one is Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This set works amazingly! It leaves your hair soft, smelling amazing, and helps with frizz. I also noticed with other shampoo and conditioners that I break out around my hairline area. This set is also amazing because it does not make me break out and my skin has no reaction to this product. Another benefit of these is that they are both super affordable and sold everywhere, so they are not hard to find. I would highly highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new shampoo or conditioner.



Step Two: Post Shower

1. Brush Hair

Combs are probably the best way to avoid breakage and damage to your hair. In all honesty, I hate combs and cannot use them. Since my hair is curly as well, it is so difficult to get through all the knots and tangles with just a comb. I prefer using a brush. I try to go as gently as possible to avoid any damage to my hair. There are also wet brushes that are designed to avoid breakage on wet hair, but I personally did not see a difference using them compared to a regular brush. If you can use a comb, definitely do that; if not a brush works fine.


2. Moroccan Oil

This product saves lives!! It is by far the best hair care product I have ever used and have been using it for years now. If I don’t add this into my hair after I shower, it becomes so frizzy and the curls do not look soft and bouncy at all. I absolutely love this oil. It smells amazing as well. I take about two little pumps and rub that together in my hands. Then I just comb through my hair with my hands applying the product throughout my hair. This product is on the pricier side, but it is amazing and I would definitely recommend spending the extra for this one.


3. Curl Cream

When I was younger, I never used a curl cream to hold my curls in place. After I started using it, it makes such a huge difference. It makes your curls more defined and bouncy. It acts almost like a gel for your hair. I just use a little bit of this, rub it between my hands, and scrunch my hair up into curls using the product. It works wonders and this product lasts a really long time because I do not use too much. It is also pretty affordable which is always good!


Step Three: Dry

I hate drying my hair. Ever since I was a kid, drying my hair made it extremely frizzy no matter what product I put in it. For that, I air dry it every time I wash it. It does take a while to dry completely, but I think it looks much more natural and healthier. Another way to dry your hair and get a perfect curl is by braiding your hair. For this, you want to wash your hair at night, french or dutch braid your hair into two braids on either side and sleep on it. When you wake up and take out the braids, you will be left with beachy waves! If you do have to dry your hair and you have curly hair, I would recommend using a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment to your hairdryer that works a lot better for curly hair. It disperses the air in order to reduce frizz and keep the natural curls. All in all, I would recommend air drying, but if that doesn’t work for you, I would recommend a diffuser.


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