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Apple Nachos by "From Scrap to Fab"

Throughout the last couple of weeks, Reyna, Emily, and I have been looking on Instagram to find other bloggers to ask for their advice and to check out their own blog and instagram page for inspiration. We came across a blog called “From Scrap to Fab”, run by a girl named

Monserrath, who is in highschool just like us! We reached out to her, and she gave us some really good advice for our blog! We also checked out her blog page, which is super cool, really well organized, and has some really fun healthy recipes to try. I decided to test out her “Apple Nachos” recipe, because they looked so delicious and decadent while still being pretty good for you! 

This is a super easy recipe, and is basically putting a bunch of super yummy toppings on apples to replicate a sweet and healthy version of your traditional nachos! I have already made this recipe twice, and I just bought more apples from the grocery store so I can make it again. This recipe is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or just as a snack to enjoy throughout the day! It is so good and

uses ingredients that you should already have it home, which should encourage you to make it even more! Here is the link to Montserrath’s original recipe so you can recreate it at home yourself! Also be sure to check out the rest of her blog, "From Scrap to Fab" for more healthy recipes and other cool posts as well as her instagram @monsequerr_ ! 

The pictures used are from my own recreation!

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