• Emily Cavuto

Alexis Ren Ab Workout Review!

In the realm of social media, there is no question that Alexis Ren has some of the best abs around. Therefore, when I stumbled upon her ab workout, I had to try it. I decided to follow along to her video every day for two weeks! Let’s just say, it was not easy.

To begin, her ab workout consists of 20 different exercises that are done for 30 seconds each. Perhaps the worst part, however, is that there are no breaks at all! While this seemed pretty intimidating and daunting, I am proud to say that I was able to finish the two weeks without a skip day. There were definitely days that I felt nowhere near up to completing the video, but I still pushed myself.

Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily say that the workout got any easier over the two weeks. That’s probably because the ending—which consisted of spider climbers aka my enemy—was the hardest part. It’s pretty difficult to get through a workout when you’re dreading the ending. In addition, in the first few days of trying this routine, my neck hurt so badly because I was putting too much pressure on it. That did, however, improve as time went on.

All in all, I think that this workout definitely strengthened and toned my upper abs! There’s a lot more definition, and I can simply feel that they are stronger. I do think that my lower abs are slightly more toned, however, nothing too noticeable. That could be because I only did it for two weeks instead of longer, or that the exercises just targeted my upper abs more. I am definitely going to continue interspersing this workout into my exercise routine, as well as trying new ones that I can report back on later!


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